MultiSequence Benchmark is a hosted solution to measure performance of web sites, web applications or APIs using HTTP(s) protocol.

In addition to pre-built benchmarking scripts, it allows users to upload custom Apache JMeter scripts that can be used to simulate load on an application or http(s) end-points to test its strength and analyze performance under load. Following features are provided under acceptable use policy.

  • Measure performance of a web site, application or API
  • Option to upload custom JMeter scripts
  • Re-run saved benchmarks
  • Track history of previous test
  • Smart phone friendly user interface
  • Download benchmark reports
IndexPlus for Alfresco

MultiSequence IndexPlus for Alfresco provides enhanced features for Alfresco indexing process. IndexPlus makes it easy to index content based on priority and from specific date.

IndexPlus for Alfresco includes an intuitive admin user interface and helps in monitoring index backlog. Additional support is provided by MultiSequence Inc.

  • Priority Based Indexing
  • Easy to Reindex
  • Index Time Estimation
  • Backlog Monitoring
  • Index Process Stabilization
CMIS Browser

MultiSequence CMIS Browser is a CMIS client application that provides navigation for enterprise content repositories using Content Management Interoperability Services. Utilizing standard internet protocols, this application runs on client machine while retrieving information from remote or local content repositories.

  • Browse CMIS 1.0/1.1 compliant content repositories
  • Download, Check Out and Check In content files
  • Thumbnails preview
  • CMIS Query support
  • Connect multiple repositories simultaneously
  • Search content repositories
  • Generate repository statistics report
  • Configurable columns, date and time format

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